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Bankruptcy on a Budget - A New Life is Within Your Reach!  

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Envision your future without financial stress but financial freedom!

Bankruptcy is your New Beginning!

This is your opportunity to wipe the slate clean and start over new. It is also the time to access your personal behaviors and make the life changes that will get you on the road to financial freedom. This can be a wonderful experience with life changing benefits. 

You just need to take the first step forward.....


You are not alone. You should not feel guilty.Thousand just like you file for bankruptcy every day. 

The difference between you and them...You are working on rebuilding your credit!  You will probably end up with better credit after your bankruptcy than before you filed.

The time is now to walk forward to your new future.

You are on the road to success!

Important Resources & Videos from the Federal Bankruptcy Courts:
Chapter 7 Fee Waiver Provisions of the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of

If you would prefer to file your bankruptcy by yourself without our help.  

You can go to:

to download forms required in order to file.  We are confident that you will find our filing service worth the cost but more importantly saving you time and stress.  

We are experts at filing and make the process for you stress free and easy.

For all new  and existing clients - 

Please be advised that we are not attornies and are here to help you file your paperwork ONLY.  Any legal questions or concerns MUST BE directed to an attorney or you can visit the Federal Bankruptcy Website to answer many of your questions.  Go to  -

When & Where To Apply for Credit

Applying for credit after bankruptcy can be a confusing and intimidating process.

It is all about the timing of apply and for what you should apply for.

Read this informative document that can help you know WHEN and WHERE to apply for Credit.

When to Apply for Credit